Does this seem normal following a basement leak repair

About 3 weeks ago we had the basement dug out on part of the side and back of the house. The dirt was high after the work, but the workmen said it would sink over the next month or so. We've had a fair bit of rain these last 2 days and here is what happened, does it look normal?

  • Sharon
    Sharon Florence, OR
    on Jun 24, 2018

    Yes dirt always compacts down. Add some more dirt and level out.

    • J Nicol
      J Nicol Canada
      on Jun 24, 2018

      Hey Kathryn. Wish I could see more. Is that your rain gutter downspout (white) with a dark corrugated extension piece added on? If that's what they are, you need to get out there and redirect the bottom so it outlets water further away from the house. Did the guys who replaced the dirt and remarked it would sink, leave the work-site with it that way? Seriously bad move, if so. It musta looked like the rapids under that outlet, when the rain was coming down. Good luck. JGN