What can I do to the front of this house to get that wow!!!! Factor?

The front porch and maybe the yard

  • Johnavallance82
    Johnavallance82 United Kingdom
    on Jun 25, 2018

    Ros, Could go with Shutters at top window and trellis across at Porch Roof height. Or Board across top half from eves of Porch Roof and make more of Porch Supports - Maybe (they need to be or look more Chunky). Maybe if the Boards above were a Strong colour - then the Posts could be the same colour. If you don't like Boards then Stucco would be good. Window Boxes or large shrubs at lower level.........Hope that helps!!

    • Jean McCaffrey
      Jean McCaffrey Phoenix, NY
      on Jun 25, 2018

      The lintel detail over your windows is really pretty so draw attention to the windows with shutters or window boxes. The fastest and easiest? Paint that front door a pretty color....maybe one that picks up the color of the window box flowers.....and the pots of flowers you will put on the front steps. The supports for the front porch roof are out of scale for the volume of the roof so beef those up