Help! I'm Looking for More Info on This Antique Seller's Cabinet!

I am looking to learn a little bit more about this amazing cabinet! I am in the process of fixing this ol' girl up. I do know it is a Sellers cabinet. I also know that there was originally a flour bin in the top left cabinet (it currently has 3 make shift shelves in it but it still has the original screw holes which is why I was able to figure out it had a flour bin) From what I'm gathering it was the retractable flour bin.. you know, with the arms that brought it out and lowered it? However, I can't seem to find a replica or replacement anywhere online. Also, the left cabinet has a make shift shelf towards the bottom and also has screw holes.. can anyone tell me what might have been there? Any and all info you might have on this is greatly appreciated! Also - can anyone tell me where I would be able to find replacement parts? Thank you!

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