Tips to remodel my bathroom in a 1970's mobile home?

The vanity is awful and way to short.
You have to bend over to brush your teeth.
Quite frankky the entire Bathroom is just awful ugly. Old as snot and outdated as goat manure.

Dear DIY help my ugly old bathroom.

A new Vanity, updated toilet jet soaking tub.
Holy crap those ugly walls.

Please bring my bathroom into this century.
q i would like to remodel my bathroom in a 1970 s mobil home
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  • Mogie Mogie on Jun 26, 2018
    Hehehe we have a mobile too so I understand the problem. I hated having to bend over to use the bathroom sink. After several years I talked hubby into raising the countertop. We top the counter off and he added to the height of the frame. We put a counter from Lowe's on (it was precut) and all we had to do was cut a hole for the sink. Now the counter is a normal height and my back thanks me every day.
    I painted the cupboards and medicine cabinet to match each other as well as compliment the new counter top. We got a new light fixture and painted the horrible stark white walls. Still have that big ugly garden tub. Another thing that helped was to remove the frame that held the shower door and put a shower curtain held by a tension rod in it's place. Found a gorgeous shower curtain just 36 inches wide on
    • Laura Siebrecht Laura Siebrecht on Jun 28, 2018
      I too have a very low bathroom counter. I would love to see a picture of what you and hubby did to raise the countertop. In my minds eye I was picturing you adding some decorative supports say about 8 or 10 inches long between the old countertop and new to support the new countertop. Then I pictured wicker baskets sliding into the space between the two countertop for makeup, hairbrushes etc. for a clutter free countertop, not sure about the sink though I expect you could hide the plumbing between the two countertops with something somehow.
  • Susan Massey Susan Massey on Jun 26, 2018
    Remove the old cabinets etc, put new white waterproof panelling (Lowe's) on the walls, get a vanity that has storage space underneath and maybe a new light fixture mounted on either side of the mirror. Add some colorful rugs with matching curtains and you're good-to-go!
  • Janice Janice on Jun 28, 2018
    Hi Kathleen, it's great that you want to update your bathroom. Start by measuring, measuring, and measuring some more so that you know all that when you go to the home improvement store. Remember that when you raise the sink/countertop you will have to extend the plumbing as well. Plan out your project well before you start so you can shop for good buys on all the materials. The jet tub will be pricey and require electricity to it that you may need to hire an electrician to do (depending on your skill level). You can shop for an already built vanity and sometimes the sink will already be installed. A vessel sink (which sits on top of the counter, not into a hole in the counter). You might even want to consider putting the incoming water pipes into the wall and have the faucet on the wall for a major update to your mobile home. Paint can do wonders in changing the look of a room and I suggest a semi-gloss paint that will reflect light. Good luck on your project but plan, plan, plan before starting.
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