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I don't like using chemical cleaners in my home, so I make most of my cleaners. This saves money and keeps my home chemical free. I tested a few dusting sprays, and this was my favorite.
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I tried dusting sprays with vinegar and lemon juice. The vinegar one worked okay, but I didn't care for the lemon juice version.

Instead, I used a recipe with castile soap, oil, and lemon essential oil.
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Fill a spray bottle with a cup of distilled water. Then use a funnel to add 2 teaspoons castile soap and 1 tablespoon olive oil.

The castile soap in the recipe gently cleans. It's safe to use on most surfaces, including wood. The oil moisturizes, makes wood shine, and protects wood.
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I also used lemon essential oil for my homemade dusting spray. It's a natural degreaser, and it smells wonderful. You can use other essential oils too. I give a few options and their benefits in my original blog post.
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The oil and water do separate as the bottle sits, so give it a good shake just before you use it.

Then spray the dusting spray on a microfiber cloth. Use to dust wood, glass, and just about any other surface. I use it all over my house except for my computer screens and TVs.

Be sure to click over to the blog post for more tips to make the recipe and dusting tips.

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