How can I make my closet which have no shelving more roomy to store

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  • Deborah Luchak Nester Deborah Luchak Nester on Jun 27, 2018
    Im going to follow this also... need help, but, need it on a MAJOR budget!

  • Katie Katie on Jun 27, 2018
    what kind of closet do you have? Single hanging rod, etc. Any room below clothing (on the floor)?
  • Nancy Bennett Baughman Nancy Bennett Baughman on Jun 27, 2018
    I have two closets they both have rods for a clothes room above and room below
  • Baxter Baxter on Jul 04, 2018
    Here are some that might get you started:
    1. Add hanger space. If your closet doesn't have 2 rods--a rod above and another rod under it, add that extra rod. Use hangers that support multiple items---like a pant hanger that holds 4 pair instead of one, or a waterfall hanger for multiple shirts/blouses.
    2.Install shelves wherever you can. Put them above rods and take them all the way up to the ceiling. Build them or assemble shelves on any blank wall in the closet. If you have them built in, you can design them to your own specs. If you can't build shelves, use a narrow bookshelf or stacked crates.
    3. Organize your shoes on a shoe rack or a hanging shoe bag. Hang the shoe bag on the closet door if possible--or move it to the back of a door--maybe a nearby bathroom door or bedroom door where it can't be seen.
    4. If you keep your jewelry in the closet, try to relocate it to a jewelry chest or armoire, or a dresser drawer in the bedroom or bathroom.
    5. Use bins on the floor and on shelves for storage of small accessories or out-of-season items like gloves, scarves, etc.
    6. Hang hooks wherever you have a blank space. Hang purses, robe, scarves, etc.
    7. Hang a tension rod across the width of the closet, placed perpendicular to the rod. I use it for extra hangers or to lay out my next-day's outfit.
    8. Use roll-out covered "under-bed bins" or "Space-Bags" to store bulky seasonal or rarely worn items. Then they can be stored under the bed.
    9. Obviously it helps to regularly go through your clothes and accessories and purge those items not worn, out-of-date, too big, or outgrown.
    There are thousands of creative ideas on Pinterest if you search for closet organizing ideas.
    Good luck!
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