Ugly Duckling 1920 Highchair To Gorgeous Heirloom

This Highchair was given to me by my late grandmother. It was built in the 1920's and went through children and grandchildren!
It has been tucked away in storage begging for me to restore its original beauty. This is the "before" photo with the tray already removed to begin work.
Wow- lots of sanding to go ! The original finish is SO OLD that it looks and feels like it has coffee grounds stuck to it.
This is the tray after I had just begun to sand it and remove years of grunge!
"AFTER"..... Look how beautiful the wood is?!
Spar Urethane was put on it !
I applied Early American Minwax stain and finished off with Spar Urethane. The spar urethane makes it cleanable so that my grandchildren can use this now!
It may not satisfy the new safety codes but for a Century Old Highchair that was my grandmother's..........I think she approves and is smiling down from Heaven at me!! :)

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