Re-landscaping to Shrubs and Perennials

I have been re doing the entire perimeter of the house and along our driveway which has a huge bulk head bed the entire length. It is just too much work, so removing things and planting things that are pretty and will return each year with little maintenance except pruning or cutting back in fall and spring. The climate has also changed here in the Seattle area, and we are able to grow and have many new things thrive! It is still a work in progress but it is getting there!
This is the east side of the house where it is almost all shade, we also removed ugly arborvitae and put up a fence planted this last year, except the Rhody which I cut to the ground 2 years ago
this side of the house is all sun and it was all St Johns Wort, OMG what a nightmare to remove!!! Planted this last spring.
this is a new perennial bed we added along the fence line, the red shrub is weigela and should reach about 6 feet tall, we planted this last spring as well
The sunny east side and new rock path
one of the raised beds just starting to bloom
this is my front bed by the front door it is on the east side of the house so morning sun and afternoon shade
another bed with perennials
part of the rockery
a favorite combination of mine are pansies and nicotiana, my pansies come back every year
one of my many lilacs this one is Sensation
lithodora and succulents
visitors in the back yard, we have several very large for trees and they have been visiting for a couple years now, other and her child
we have lots of hummingbirds this is a Rufous, we only have them in spring and summer, the flower is Monarda
We have Anna's hummingbirds year round and we have many in our yard, ir you want hummers plant this Lucifer crocosmia the love it!

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