What can I do with this area of my courtyard?


I purchased a large gas fire pit to place in an area in my courtyard that had housed a very large planter. I plan to put Adirondack chairs around the fire pit and put various plants around the courtyard. However, when I removed the plantar, I discovered that underneath the plantar was a shallow hole with some bricks and dirt. The rest of the courtyard has some kind of aggregate, which would be cost-prohibitive to remove. I don't want to plant anything there and I don't want to put the fire pit on dirt. What can I put in the hole? Cement? River rocks? Bricks?

q what can i do with this area of my courtyard
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  • JudyH JudyH on Jun 30, 2018
    A layer of sand, then a layer of aggregate rock should work nicely. Alternately, you could line it with corrugated metal cut to size with tin snips.
  • Carol Cole Carol Cole on Jun 30, 2018
    I would cement the hole with quick cement. If you can afford it cement over the hole area putting a color in it of your choice.. Sounds expensive but I don't know how bit that area is. Hang plants allong the walls . Build benchs along the walls as well when money is available to seating .Youcan pick up pallets sometimes for nothing or a $1 each at some stores . Ask in the back of the stores at all stores FOR MAKEING SEATING. Put up some glow in the dark different things on the top of walls. There is some many things you can do.
  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Jun 30, 2018
    It sounds as if your pit is already dug. Fill a wheelbarrow with the stuff in the hole. Use the bricks you find to line the deepest part. If you really want to fill the pit in, look around the rest of your property for more brick-like refuse and use that. To save money if you have to buy bricks, paving stones, broken statuary, and cinder blocks, go to a brickyard, statuary place, Lowe’s, or any place they sell these things and ask for the broken pieces (for free), or offer a penny a pound for the pieces. When you have enough big pieces, then get bags of gravel or whatever rock is cheap. It will take twice as much as you think. If you are going to pave over the pit, you need to follow with smaller rocks, and then finally lots of dirt to leave a solidly filled area. If you are going to cover the area with a big wooden deck, you can place your pit and chairs on that and the hole won’t matter. If you ever move the deck, you could still use the pit that’s already there. Best wishes, and be sure to post on Hometalk! ☺️
  • ☘️ TxIreland ☘️ TxIreland on Jul 01, 2018
    Hi! Maybe you could put your pit there after your hole is already prepared. Or perhaps a large rubber tree plant . Maybe even a bird bath or a fountain.

    I found a few DIY right here on hometal.com


    Maybe one of them will inspire you!
    Good Luck☘️!
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