How to Make a Old Tile Grout Look Brand New

This is a Bathroom that will be transformed with the grout shield color seal
By using our cleaners it will look new again
After cleaning just apply the color of your choice
This Video show"s you just how easy the Grout Shield color seal is to apply. You can order the color seal is any color in the world.

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    • Designing Home INc.
      Designing Home INc. Marietta, GA
      on May 27, 2014

      Hi, All those dark stuff are signs of mildew and there are all around back of the tile and board. To cleaning surface and making looks nice with paint just covering the real problem and it's only for wile. please consider this. check the picture from one of the project we finished.

    • Grout Shield Distributors
      Grout Shield Distributors Fort Myers, FL
      on May 27, 2014

      Yes that is mold and mildew but my grout cleaner will clean the mold and mildew the you color seal the grout to prevent it from coming back. There,s a mil divide that prevents the grout of mold and mildew in my sealer.

        • Dyj8347170
          on Oct 3, 2016

          Laura you are right. Mildew will grow any where there is damp and over time is progressively gets worst if the area isn't vented and the moisture prevented.