Floor of deck- Is there some ink of stain and topcoat I can put on ?

my deck is in the direct sun all day long. The floor of wooden deck needs to
be restrained EVERY year. Is there some ink of stain and topcoat I can put
on so it will last as long as possible?

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  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Jul 01, 2018
    Hello Julia!
    Boy do I understand your problem!

    We have a gianemorous deck that was built in 2015. We made the choice of using a solid stain which is much like a paint. The can rated it to last ( the longest) 7 years. Figuring with this rating this would be the best alternative for our deck spf -that has a heavy sun exposure -offering lots of protection.

    This finish has been failing every year also requiring REapplication-after experiencing adhesion troubles and mildew over the past two years.

    Our problems were with the BEHR product. But this year -we called the customer support line with our frustration and we were provided with individualized detailed cleaning surface prep advice with application instruction support and complete product replacement of deck cleaner and stain.

    I will say that we have a elevated front deck- a rear deck- boat dock and a shed and the more transparent sealers seem to look and last the best versus the longer rated thicker solid type paint type sealers with our particular region and sun exposure.

    Sadly once the solid stain is in place —- it’s a lot of work to get it 100% off- to go to an alternate sealer type. My husband is severely regrets putting a solid stain on the new 2015 deck. In hindsight we shoukd have done composite or semitransparent like we have on the boat dock. We have SIKKENS on the shed and thats the longest lasting and most expensive sealer and has lasted 7 years...so far!

    It might be worthwhile to give your sealers company a call and see if they can offer any assistance or compensation.

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jul 01, 2018
    Hi Julia,
    Yes, you can use a clear deck sealer. Click here to read how. Wishing you the best.
  • Joe Gemmill Joe Gemmill on Jul 01, 2018
    SIKKENS makes coatings for log house and decks, that with proper prep will last longer than any coating I have used. ANY surface needs prep of top-notch deck cleaner and possibly light sanding to allow any product to adhere and allow the coating to penetrate the wood fibers. Sherwin Williams has my second choice for a top-notch SEMI-transparent. I've seen too many disasters of SOLID stain. I think that might as well be called...wait for it....paint. :)
  • I’ve run into this problem too on our relatively newer deck. I put a semi-transparent stain from Menards called Paramount on my deck last year. It didn’t even last the winter, cracking and peeling off. Needless to say I was bent out of shape so now sadly I’m stripping the whole thing. The guy at the paint counter said newer decks, under 5 years should get semi-transparent while decks older need more coatings like semi-solid or solid. Once I get this all off I’m trying a Cabot semi-transparent with my fingers crossed. I wish I had gone with a penetrating oil to start. Good luck!
  • Gk Gk on Jul 01, 2018

    Consider using a linseed based product that soaks into your wood rather than a paint like product that just sits on the top. I had the same problem. I eventually sanded my deck down to the wood and used this brand: Armstrong Clark. It has been the answer to my prayers! I only need to redo my deck about every 3 years and it does not peel. Here is the website to read about their product. www.armstrongclarkstain.com

    Here is not available in every state but you can order directly from the company. I will NEVER use anything else ever again!

  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 01, 2018
    I agree some form of oil-based stain is best. And I am all for a product that is environmentally friendly like linseed oil products..... Any type of coating on a deck will peel cause its exposed to the elements.
    When I've had decks, I just go out each year and use a long-handled paint roller and tray to apply on the first nice day after washing off last year's mold, moss and debri a day or two prior to application.
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