Summer Cats Needs a Tent House!

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My cat has furry little bed for winter time and she seems love it. But it is July now and she doesn't go in anymore, of course. since I was thinking to have some mesh basket type for her I searched shops, but mostly over my budget. So here is the a little DIY chance to make something cute and useful

Step 1: Have materials ready.

I used;

- piles x 3

- a duckboard

- chair leg socks x 3

- cushions

- hemp cord

- Cloths (I used my old skirt I don't wear anymore)

Since I had many old clothes which I don't wear anymore, I used them as cover of this little tent.

Step 2: Be safe!

How to make is very easy, first I cut the sharp parts of piles and then file them smoothly so that no one gets hurt.

Once piles are ready, tie all 3 of them using hemp cord. Make sure it to be tight enough and make a little tent.

Step 3: A little tent with decoration

- After making the frame, tie frame legs with duckboard again using hemp cord. Now the tent frame is done, apply the cloths all the way you like. In may case, I just used the skirt so it was very easy that I only had to cut one part then tie it to cover the tent frame.

I think it was good enough with one layer, but I happened have...a nice lace scarf which I don't use anymore since it got the big hole. This is how it looks after Step 3. Does she like it? Umm.

Step 4: Socks to protect your floor.

Yup, she seems love it!

One last important thing here is that placing socks, that ones made for chair legs, on each frame leg. Piles are smooth, but I didn't want to take risk of scratching my floor.

Here of my cat in her summer bed

She seems really enjoy there. Thank you for reading my post, I hope you enjoyed it

Happy Hometalking!

Suggested materials:

  • Pile   (Homedepot)
  • Lace cloth   (Home)
  • Chair socks   (Amazon)
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  • Shansmow Shansmow on Jul 02, 2018

    That is adorable! It looks as if your little neko loves it.

  • William William on Jul 02, 2018

    It's so lovely and cute. Cats do love smaller confined comfortable spaces.

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