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We moves from Oklahoma to Colorado, I used to have the best garden, beautiful landscaping, and humming birds, butterflies. Here I cant even get a seed to sprout or a plant to thrive, how do I fix this? Not even miracle grow has been able to help, or water. I miss my flora and fauna! Even the rabbits are avoiding our yard, and I have seen plenty in the neighborhood. Help?


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  • Carol Taylor Carol Taylor on Jul 02, 2018
    Walk your neighborhood and see what your neighbors have planted to see what grows well. Plant stores in your area should be able to provide you with the right plants for your area. Your area now is very different that where you were before, don't fight it but embrace it's newness ! Learn to enjoy the beauty of new plants !
  • Nessie Nessie on Jul 04, 2018
    I have tried vegetables of every sort, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers... flowers...
    Carol, my neighbors have iris, lillies, lilacs, violas, impatiens, and green grass! I have also found out that the previous owners did absolutely nothing for the 20+ year they lived here.
    The local nursery told me to make friends with anyone that has goats, alpaca, rabbits, or collect deer droppings....
    I have started amending with bovine manure, bales of peat, and I now have a trash can composter....hopefully I will have a small bowl of salsa to show for all this!
  • AlexaBrown AlexaBrown on Nov 04, 2020

    Oh I have the same problem now, unfortunately we were forced to sell our house and move to a small town. The problem is that nothing that I planted grows in our yard, however our neighbors don't have any problems with this. If I can't solve this problem, I'll look for another house. Please tell me if you have found a solution to this issue. By the way, I have one little thing in my yard that makes me happy. I recently installed a bird feeder (you can find it on, it attracts amazing birds from our park and makes my mornings beautiful.

  • K. K. on Nov 07, 2020

    I would test the soil ph in different areas that you want to plant to determine if it acidic (6.0-7.0 is the best range, otherwise 1.0-7.0) or alkaline soil (higher than 7.0 is good here or 7.0-10.0). Once you know you can plant flower/plants that prefer these different soils.

    Acidic soil is good for hydrangea, azalea, camellia, rhododendrons, listianthus off the top of my head. Alkaline soil flower/plants again hydrangea - they can grow in both soils and depending which soil ph will determine the color flowers you'll have. Other alkaline plants are lilac, crocus-my brain is not thinking here but google it.

    Also consider shade, part shade, sun, part sun locations.

    Another consideration is the soil, is it what I call dirt (which is void of brown or has no compost in it, this dirt has nothing of value for most plants. If you know a plant that likes poor soil or conditions this will work.

    Another consideration is the soil moisture level. Does it drain quickly, slowly. Sandy soil drains quickly and you have to water more often. medium drainage is what you get from composted loamy soil and slow drainage is usually clay soil but also can be that the hard pan is near the surface and the water has nowhere to grow.

    And last thing I can think of is the amount of water given. When in doubt water only when it is dry 1" below surface before you get to moisture, houseplants are 1/2" to 1" depending on the plant. Better to underwater than over water until you are sure of it's needs.

    Wander around a nursery and check the labels. They most usually give you all the info you need except soil ph. You'll have to look that up online or if you have a book collection that will help. 30-40 years ago I used the library to get my knowledge. One of the best books I found was Sunset Gardener.

    I moved from SoCal to Georgia and have found that my green thumb has gone a bit brown. I've had to relearn what I knew, which was frustrating. We have deer wandering the neighborhood looking for some yummy's which limits what I plant. I have found they don't like daffodils and allium which are onion s and decorative onions and the beautiful amaryllis.

    Sorry this got a bit long but I hope it helps,


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