I need to Update old house inside and out

the house was built in 1940’s and belong to grandparents . I want to preserve a legacy they hard to accomplish. Can’t afford to spend money to update the way I want to but want to do something. Bathroom ihas pink tub and sink. It needs a toilet update. tthe entire wall has old laminate tile that ineeds to be removed. Floor in bathroom iis old and about to fall.

The entire house has laminate flooring the kitchen has out dated counter tops, and appliances

The front and back entries doors need replacing with the casing. I have so many projects I don’t know where to start

thanks for listening

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  • Carol Taylor Carol Taylor on Jul 02, 2018
    Take on your projects slowly ! Make a list of big ticket projects and get real quotes from professional for repairs like sagging floors. Budget as best as you can! It may be you do just one project a month. There are places like Craigslist, ebay, and Offerup for deals on materials you may need. Real house renovations are not like HGTV with instant room make overs, it all takes time and effort! Shop for a great shower curtain for that pink tub and love it's viintage vibe ! In my town there is a Habitat for Humanity store that that doors , wooden casings, and many reasonably priced home remodeling item, check to see if you can find one too. Love your home each day despite it's flaws, it's where you live your life and make your dreams happen!
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 02, 2018
    I would start first with the safety problems, like the bathroom floor. When that is fixed, put in new tile or whatever you plan on using. At that point, if it is in the budget, put in a new toilet. You can work on one room at a time, or do little things in different rooms. Just make sure it won't interfere with other things you plan on doing later. Allow what you can with the budget, you can always do things bit by bit to get the larger things done. You can do this, it may take time, but you can get it done!
  • Bek Bek on Jul 02, 2018
    lIf you are on a real budget, and I am, peel and stick flooring comes in some beautiful planks, with several colors and styles. The trick to peel and stick flooring is to give the subfloor a good coat of Kilz primer before placing the tiles. It will stay forever, is hearty, and stands up well to wear. You can have the bathroom sinks refinished for a fraction of what they would cost to replace. The counter tops (and cabinets) can be painted, and there are any number (I JUST googled this) of companies who sell kits with gorgeous finishes. Elmira Stove Works' appliances are not cheap, but if you would love to "restore" rather than "remodel," their Northstar line of appliances has a 40s-50s look, and are very well made. I hope this has at least given you some starting points.
  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on Jul 02, 2018
    So glad you want to preserve a piece of your history -- too many older homes are being torn down ... hard as it may be, don't worry about the cosmetic/pretty stuff right now -- you need to address the structural and safety of the home; Electrical wiring, plumbing, termite damage, chimneys or flues for the heating system ... things that can not only destroy the home, but kill you and your family!

    Get an 'INSPECTION' by a LICENSED/CERTIFIED Inspector -- they usually work with realtors on homes going on the market so that the owners / buyers know what needs work before they get in over their heads.

    then start with what you can do, and work towards your ultimate goal -- and it may take years... but it will by so worth it in the long run !

  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on Jul 02, 2018
    A licensed inspector is a great suggestion. It will help prioritize your repairs. Meanwhile, remove what you can, such as clutter, demo what is safe (beware of asbestos and lead paint risks in old homes and there are inexpensive kits to test for both) and keep in mind a fresh coat of paint will really brighten up a room. Living in a work/demo area is discouraging, so have a clean place to go home to if possible. If not possible, keep a working bathroom, kitchen area and bedroom for your use. Good luck!
  • 27524803 27524803 on Jul 02, 2018
    Make a plan of attack.... I would recommend bringing in a good contractor who specializes in vintage restoration or renovation.... HomeAdvisor.com or Angieslist.com can get you started there with Home Pros whose reviews have been checked and their references verified..something you should do again as well.... Talk with more that one.... and get estimates and a time like
    First.... determine what MUST be done... foundation,wiring, plumbing, floor structure, roof, H/Vac, etc. and what must be done NOW.. and what can wait a bit...
    Second... make a list of what you WANT... to do... bigger, more efficient kitchen, additional or more functional bathrooms, etc.
    To help give the contractor information on the direction you are looking to go with the renovation and the ideas that you have in mind... check out DIYnetwork.com or HGTV.com or Pinterest.com. Some of the shows... like Vintage Flip, Good Bones, Home Town, and Restored, work with renovating the older homes, keeping the vintage aesthetic but updating it with the functionality that people want today..... find the "look" you want and print off the pictures that you are most attracted to. Finishes can wait until you are actually working on a particular area... but a new appliance package can happen soon... especially if you buy used or reconditioned.
    Third... there are cosmetic things that can be done now... to make the home more livable and attractive now.... replacing the toilet... repainting the bathroom a light gray... will work with the pink tub and sink... for now or you can have it refinished white or cream to get you by for a few years... until you are ready to tear it out and start over (Home Advisor and Angie's list can help with this too)
    Some things you can do yourself, painting, tiling, flooring... especially with a little DIY training...
    Make a plan... then get started
  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Jul 11, 2018

    Take care of safety and structural issues before doing the kitchen. If the bathroom floor is about to fall, that should be top priority. The doors are not only a security thing, but a insulation issue too. Doors come in steel, composite and wood. The jams should be composite, at least on the bottom part to prevent it from rotting out. As was said before, have someone come in and check the entire house. Once the major problems are taken care of, start with one room at a time. Do it right, even if taking it down to studs is what has to be done. It will be slow going, but the end result will have you living in exactly what you want. Patience is a hard thing to have when you want to just fix everything right away. Don't let it push you to do things halfway. Good luck in your new home.

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