How would I make inexpensive but pretty lighting for my wedding?

My fiance and I are short on funds and we don't want to start our marriage in debt, so we've decided to make our wedding budget about the same as the average dress. It's helped a lot in terms of stress, but it's made decorating a struggle. I've seen a lot of amazing ideas for DIY decorations, but not a lot in the lighting department. We want something that will really stand out without breaking the bank, and I'm doing dried flower and lantern centerpieces so I'm trying to figure something out for overhead/hanging lighting that would be complementary without being too 'matchy matchy.'

I've scoured the site for what I'm looking for, and as many ideas as I have for my future home, it hasn't quite hit the spot for my wedding! Does anyone have any advice or ideas they'd be willing to share? I'm up to my eyeballs in planning and my brain is fried, so anything is appreciated!

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