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2 Hours

This is a great and cheap way to uplift your sliding glass door.

Changing the look of your sliding glass door is easier and more fun than you might think. Really all you need is to let your imagination flow. I love natural light, so for this project, I will be showing you how I achieved some privacy on my sliding glass door without sacrificing the beautiful natural light or spending too much.

For this project you will need:

Etched film from Artscape, you can find it at Home Depot. It comes in various sizes and styles and it is super easy to install.

-Spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of window cleaner.

-Exacto knife.

-Metal ruler.

-Cutting mat.

-Single razor blade to clean the work area.

-Squeegee to eliminate excess water and bubbles.

Before you start, you should decide what kind of design you want. I recommend sketching out your design, this way you can envision how to cut your material in an efficient way. I opted for a lineal design, which would give it a modern style, but you can really let your imagination fly.

Thoroughly clean the area and using the razor blade remove any residue of paint or anything else the glass might have. Remember that it has to be totally smooth as we don’t want any bubbles forming when we apply the film.

Measure the glass door. It is recommended to add an extra 2 mm from the edge of the glass (it will be trimmed later).

Place the film on the cutting mat and with the ruler draw the lines to be cut and cut them with the exacto knife against the ruler. Remember the extra 2 mm of material.

Gently spray the water on the work area. Strip the backing on the film. Place the film on the wet surface; It will adhere to the glass. While still wet, you will be able to move it to the exact position where you want it. Once in position, slowly start squeezing the water out with the squeegee starting from the center of the piece towards the edges. If after it is in place, you decide it is not to your satisfaction, you can spray water on it and re position it. That is why I love this product! 

Now, using the ruler and the exacto knife, trim the excess material against the edge of the glass for a perfect fit.

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  • David Kohn
    David Kohn
    on Jul 26, 2019

    I have a problem

    • Swinnen Lisette
      Swinnen Lisette
      on Jul 10, 2020

      Be sure to put enough water on before sticking it. Use a spraybottle. Dont hesitate to curl a corner and put extra water on the glass. Then wit a crdit card you smooth the water from under there.

  • Patricia Ritzel
    Patricia Ritzel
    on Jul 10, 2020

    Is this inside the shower or outside?

    • Patricia Ritzel
      Patricia Ritzel
      on Jul 10, 2020

      Thank you

      I thought that may be the case but when it said you apply w water I e

      wasnt sure.

  • Cinzia Farley
    Cinzia Farley
    on Jul 16, 2020

    I'd like to do this to a bay window in my kitchen that's a problem for privacy. My neighbors are not nosey but at night anyone driving on our road can see in. I live alone and like to be comfortable when I'm at home. I don't want curtains or blinds in my kitchen. Natural light for a small herb garden on the window seat would be groovy. Is this product smooth or does it have an etched glass type texture? Is the edge of the sheet or decal on the glass a problem retaining dirt, dust or grime?

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  • Sandy
    on Jul 10, 2020

    I would put this on the outside, so you can clean the inside. The design is endless. Sandy

    • Bruni
      on Jul 19, 2020

      i have one on a narrow window that runs along the front door. i applied something similar for privacy and love it. i dont understand why someone would put it on the outside. you can still clean both inside and out. I would be more concern about the elements outside affecting the material.

  • Emee
    on Jul 19, 2020

    I also found that adding a squirt of dawn dish liquid in the water really helps with adhesive to glass. DONT apply in direct sunlight.

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