Pros or cons on acrylic/fiberglass tub & surround?

I have a window too

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  • Zard Pocleeb Zard Pocleeb on Jul 04, 2018
    In my opinion the surrounds look cheap unless you buy one of the hi-end models, which can cost up into thousands of dollars. Also, they must be installed and sealed properly to avoid leaks. Lastly, installong one is definitely not a DIY project.
  • If you buy one DO NOT use cleaners that are harsh that will scratch it. In our first house I used fiberglass wax for cars to seal it. Used it everywhere on surround. Had rubbermaid mat on floor of shower so no one slipped. Wax kept it shiny & new. Re-wax as needed. I did it once a year. Cleaned daily with spray bottle of vinegar, dish-soap (dawn) & water. Last person using shower sprayed shower area heavily with above mixture. (Also used this on shower doors to get soap scum. Never got mildew.) Saturday I wiped down shower with liquid disinfectant, not Clorox bleach. Rinsed it off, well. Dried/buffed surround with used bath towel. Took all towels, mat & wash cloths and threw them into washer and ran the washer. Put towels & wash cloths into dryer. Took wet mat & hung it over towel bar in shower to air dry. Did this for 5 years & shower/bathtub looked new when we sold the house.
    PS 3rd house (retirement house) put surround in both full baths for ease of cleaning.
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