Asked on Jul 4, 2018

Any ideas on frames or canvases?

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I do puzzles & glue them & frame, frames are expensive, Any Ideas?? On frames or canvas?

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  • Ann Cherkas Halstead
    Ann Cherkas Halstead
    on Jul 4, 2018

    You can go to thrift stores and buy frames. Just take to picture out and there you go!
  • Brenda Varner
    Brenda Varner
    on Jul 4, 2018

    Go to the thrift store. Buy a used frame. It may have a picture in it. Remove it and insert your puzzle. You nay spend $2 to $5 fir a beautiful frame.
  • Linda
    on Jul 4, 2018

    I buy frames at the dollar tree store, i take them apart to make bigger ones if they don't fit.
  • Jacque
    on Jul 4, 2018

    Hey Barb ,
    Hit you’re good will stores or Dollar Tree if they have them in your area.
  • Emily
    on Jul 4, 2018

    Well first you need to know the measurements of the finished puzzle. If the pieces are securely glued to each other you could also glue a picture wire onto the back of the puzzle and hang that way. You could also glue the puzzle onto a piece of wood again the dimensions of the puzzle. Have you ever thought about using the puzzles as facing on furniture sides?
  • Laurance Brown
    Laurance Brown
    on Jul 4, 2018

    A good friend of mine and my family loved to work puzzles (1000 piece+) on the weekends. After a few months he had accumulated numerous puzzles and was running out of storage space for them. After puting our heads together he decided to glue a backing onto them and use them as hanging pictures on the wall. The cost of framing and the damage of having to use nail type hangers (the glue type hangers were no strong enough to hold them) Bob had a brain storm. His old house (early 1900's) had wood floors and they were WELL worn, He decided to glue the puzzles to the floors and cover them in clear shellac/varnish. He started with the entry hallway (8 feet wide, 25 feet long. Looked great. He then decided to do the adjoining main room the same way. Now walking into his home is a trip around the world (just don't run into the furniture while looking at his floor...;+D)
  • Flipturn
    on Aug 13, 2018

    Further to Brenda's tip to purchase frames at thrift stores, this is also a

    good source to find canvases to hang on the walls. Often the painted picture is unattractive, but your completed puzzle can be glued directly on to the canvas hiding what was formerly seen.

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