How do I get rid of an entire yard of weeds to lay new sod?

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  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Jul 06, 2018
    we had to help our neighbor do the same thing - you kill the yard completely with round up or another grass and weed killer - let it die which can take a few days or longer then clean it all up with a rake. Then you can replant I am attaching some ideas for you › Garden › Gardening

    Reseeding Lawns. Remove remaining weeds in the lawn by spraying with glyphosate herbicide. Mow the remaining old grass down to 1/2 to 3/4 inch high. Use a rented dethatcher or soil tiller to cultivate the area, breaking up the root system of the grass plants and turning them over in the soil.

    How to Replant Lawn Grass. Clear the area. Kill weeds and any remaining poor-looking grass with a non-selective herbicide about 2 weeks before you want to seed your lawn. Prep for success. Now is a great time to core aerate the area if your soil is really compact. Select your grass seed. Spread your grassseed. Feed ...

  • I just did this myself! I used a pump sprayer and filled it with plain old white vinegar. Saturate the entire space well. After a couple days, repeat. When dead, I had my gardener come in with a sod cutter (you can rent one), and cut all the bad stuff out. Then rototilled added in fresh compost so the new seed would germinate and grow and then sloped / leveled. If you need to add an irrigation system, now is the time to do so. Mine was already in place. We then spread fescue and clover then topped. And now I have been watering the heck out of it, going to be around 117° today. It is hard work, but doable if you are able. Hire out the parts you can't do yourself.

  • Alison Savill Alison Savill on Jul 06, 2018
    hot white vinegar spray weeds with it
  • Kim Kim on Jul 06, 2018
    For a Herbicide free method there are several options.
    You can sheet mulch your yard which will block weeds and their seeds from growing while infusing your soil with the fungus and bacteria needed for healthy soil. Since weeds tend to take over unhealthy soil, this is probably the best way to start your project. It requires completely covering your yard with overlapping brown paper and mulch (right over top of your chopped down and smashed down weeds). I like to use 5” of Clean Wheat Straw because it’s cheaper than the bags of mulch. If you have a resource for cheap clean mulch, I would use that. You can brown paper in rolls to make the job quicker and easier. Let it sit fallow for a full season before laying your sod to allow the soil to become healthy enough to support your new grass. To keep your grass healthy, thinly sow white Dutch clover among your grass to help fix nitrogen and aerate your yard.
    If time is an issue, rent a motorized sod cutter and clear your yard with it. Then go back and rake up all the roots. Cover the yard with a dark rich compost w) worm castings before laying your sod.
    Or, you can mow down your weeds and pour boiling water over your yard a section at a time. This is almost as devastating as the herbicide though. It kills the fungi and bacteria that support your plants but does not damage the ground water. You would need to compost your yard adding worm castings and broken down biomass to kick start your soil back to life. I would cover in mulch and give it a month to start recuperating from the shock.
    I hope that helps
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