How do I make my back yard nice? How do I keep up with an aging home?

We’ve had French drains put in because it was so wet when it rained. We had dirt put in for the low areas! We had plants and bushes planted nearly every year and most of them died! My husband and I both have medical problems and can’t work on it anymore! We still need some more dirt to fill it in! The only plants that we finall got to live are salt water resistant bushes, red top hedges, one little crepe myrtle and cannas and elephant ears! My husband put a pool in years ago and now my granddaughter had to pay to have it cleaned! A few years ago we finally put in new windows and the three in the dining room and two in the living room and underneath them everything is rotten and needs to be replaced! There is mold in the carpet in the master bedroom closet from rainwater Leaking in. That’s the main reason for the French drains!

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