What Paint color should I choose?

More of a style diy question. Just bought a house with vaulted ceiling so half of a kitchen wall doesn’t go to the ceiling. So two of the kitchen walls are a dark brown and to match those walls the previous owners painted the centre part of the cabinet doors the same colour. I’d like to go white with the cabinets so should I paint those two walls white or go with the colour of the other two walls which is a taupe colour? And for the cabinets do they have to be stripped first?

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  • Dee Dee on Jul 08, 2018
    I would first paint the ceiling white, then change the colors of the walls to match your own taste. I would definitely paint the cabinets whatever color coordinates with your kitchen. DO NOT USE CHALK PAINT ON KITCHEN CABINETS, it does not last. Sand down the cabinets, clean really well, make sure you have no grease or saw dust on the cabinet. If you want a professional look, no brush marks or roller marks,buy a paint sprayer. I have a wagner and love it. Lots of people also like the Home Rite sprayer too. You will need to practice with the sprayer, to get even light layers. First Prime the doors with a good stain blocking primer, then paint with a good acrylic paint. You will not need to seal the doors and cabinets if you use a good paint.
  • OceeB OceeB on Jul 08, 2018

    Hi Valerie, For paint colors, It all depends on if you are trying to brighten the kitchen up and or make it appear larger as well. An all white will definitely make the room larger and can add pops of color with the backsplash, cabinet door handles and or knobs, and accent items.

    Paint is the way to go with the cabinets, If you do use chalk paint then research for a sealer to go over that does not yellow as a wax will not hold up and will require a lot of maintenance. The cabinets will be a big undertaking but if you have patience and a place to spread the doors out for the paint and dry process - you will prevail and have a wonderful new kitchen.

    Depending on the cabinet door material, it might be easier to replace the door fronts and paint the base units to match?

    This video has a lot of helpful things to assess before beginning the project


    Hope to see your project on Hometalk in the future!


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