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  • Eau Claire, WI
Asked on Jul 10, 2018

How can I anchor down a metal arbor? The wind always blows it over.

LeonaMauraNaomie Moore aka baileyanddaisey, Castaic CA


I have put 1-ft long threaded rods thru the holes in the base, and down into the ground, but even those didn't hold it in place. It is in an area close to house, which has a lot of gravel fill around it, so it's hard to dig there.

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  • Concrete buckets. 5 gallon ice cream size. Fill with concrete and set an eye hook in the center of each one. Cure on a slope by placing a small rock under each bucket on one side. When dry, drill holes on the low end of the sloped concrete for drainage. Place one under each corner of the arbor. Tie the arbor to the eye hook. No more blowing over. And you can decorate or paint the buckets to not have them be an eyesore. Fill with sand, gravel or rock on top for a rustic look.
  • Maura
    on Jul 10, 2018

    rebar up the sides cemented in maybe?

  • Leona
    on Jul 10, 2018

    Use 4 sturdy fenceposts that farmers use for fencing (at hardware stores). Pound one in the ground at each corner, secure to arbor with wire or electrical ties. Paint posts to match arbor. The 4 posts make it very secure.
    • Ges2773027
      on Jul 11, 2018

      Thanks, Leona.That would certainly be sturdy, but it's the pounding them into the ground that would be the problem as it's rocky fill there. But I'm going to see how it goes. Thanks!

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