How can I continue in my garden with health problems?

Haven't been out here in quite sometime. now my health is taking me from my garden. I want to continue with my garden but how? I want to start with my mailbox again. what should I plant. zone 9

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  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 10, 2018
    What is keeping you from your garden, dealing with different health or physical disabilities can be different to get you back in your garden. There are many garden tools out there know that can help you not have to bend down or kneel as much. Taking your garden to a higher level may help, keeping a chair or still near the garden for frequent rest periods will help also. If you give us a little more specific as to what is going on, we will be able to give you suggestion that will be helpful to getting you back to your gardens. Please let us know how we can help you Stephanie!
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 10, 2018
    Are they going to repair it? My aunt, uncle and a neighbor have all had it done and did so much better after it was replaced. Wherever you are working, make sure that you have a stool or a chair nearby and take frequent rests and drink lots of fluid when it is hot out. Nothing has to be done in minutes! Hubby has COPD from nerve damage due to chest tube removal when he had his bypass done. It paralyzed his diaphragm on the right side. He still mows our lawn, even with the three steep tiered hills in the yard. It takes him hours, instead of the hour that it would take someone in good health, but he does it in stages and takes frequent breaks. He also has physical disability problems that make it hard for him to walk and keep his balance, but it doesn't stop him from doing things, it just takes longer than normal. He is not happy about it, but it doesn't stop him from doing what he wants to do. He has accepted that it just takes longer to do anything. Take care of yourself, but don't let it stop you from still doing the things you love, like gardening. Anything can be done, just change the pace you do it in. Get the valve repaired when you can and you will really feel much better. My neighbor just had his done probably two weeks ago and he is back to his normal routine from before the valve started acting up. Good luck with your heart valve, take care of yourself, Stephanie! Don't let yourself get too depressed over this, it will just make it seem worse than it is.
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