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Leslie Chandler Wing
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Asked on Jul 10, 2018

How do you fabricate double barn doors for a standard door opening?



I want to install sliding barn doors on my laundry room door opening. The current traditional hinged door opens into the room and takes up too much space and is awkward in the tiny room. I want to remove that and replace it with two sliding barn doors (the walls are narrow to each side of the door opening so I would need to utilize two panels; the two panels would meet in the middle when closed and slid to each side of the door when open).

What do I need to take into consideration when building the doors and installing them? Are there any prefabricated sources? Has anyone else done this type of project?

2 answers
  • Jcraw
    on Jul 10, 2018

    You will need a Double Track kit for the two doors. Prices vary widely on the net, considering the total length of the rail you need.
    Lowe’s has bifold doors for about $40. They’re hollow-core, but can be trimmed a bit to fit. They’re not terribly heavy. Measure your door to confirm size, tho you’ll obviously want your new door(s) a bit larger.
    Just remove the hinges and use woodfill to hide the holes before painting.
    • Leslie Chandler Wing
      on Jul 10, 2018

      Thanks for the reply. I looked at those originally, thinking it would work but then...I spoke to the Lowe's guy. My understanding is that the bi-fold doors won't be tall enough since they are made to fit within a door frame and will leave a substantial gap at the floor once they are attached to the barn door hardware.

  • Jcraw
    on Jul 13, 2018

    Hadn’t thought of that. Makes sense.
    You might try an architectural recycler, or even a ReStore. Many older homes had unusual size doors, often very tall. Your state had/has some fabulous mansions.
    Best of luck to you. Have fun with this.
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