Asked on Jul 10, 2018

Can I paint black chalk paint on a leather inlay top of chest?

ReggieCynthia HDee


This chest of drawers is old and has 4 drawers. It was damaged by cat scratches, and normal wear. I think the finish is varnish on this mahogany (I think) chest and it has curved drawers. The leather inlay top has some scratches on it and the drawer pulls are ornate. Can I sand it down and paint the entire piece with black chalk paint?

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  • Dee
    on Jul 10, 2018

    Yes you can, but I would remove the leather inlay and insert a wooden board, or small piece of granite.
  • Cynthia H
    on Jul 10, 2018

    Hi! I would try stripping the finish with a product like Citristrip, then after wiping down, sand any areas that need it. Chalk paint can work well, but, I like to seal wood before painting it with a product like Kilz. I like water base Kilz because of the easy clean-up. You may be able to skip that step since you are going with black. Use a good topcoat that dries clear and it should be gorgeous. You can buy products for reconditioning leather, also, if you are interested.
  • Reggie
    on Jul 10, 2018

    I don't know if you can use chalk paint o. It, but you can re-dye the leather. You will need a leather deglosser and leather dye. You can get small bottles online or at most stores that sell leather supplies. Show repair shops
    might also have it.
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