Asked on Jul 11, 2018

Have old claw tub-- can't climb in & out anymore. What to do to help?



The tub has a back broken leg-- sitting on block of wood-- makes it even more unstable--they tore out wall to get it in so can't afford that now husband past away. Need a safe way to make tub usable!

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  • Jan11835633
    on Jul 11, 2018

    Using 2"X 4" lumber make an open rectangular shape of the tub. You will want to use the measurements--length and width-- from the inside of the claw feet to the same spot on the opposite foot. Side measurements from head to foot. Width from back to back, front to front. Nail this platform together and attach 2X4 legs at each corner. What ever handy person you get to do the work for you will understand the design I am trying to express. This platform will sit under your tub and make the whole thing sturdy and still retain the claw foot look. If you so desire, you can put some type of covering all along the top of the frame. You can use staples or small nails to attach to the frame. Something like gathered or pleated material to match the rest of your decor. Or even some of the heavier lace curtains or materials that would have been used in that period. If you cannot fix it this way, you can always use it to display small trees, plants, etc. inside for decor. My daughter redid an historical house that was being used for offices, and that was the way she handled redoing the baths. The bathrooms were still functioning, but not for bathing! Her house won Historical House renovation of the year, so we can use things like this in our own homes! Good luck.

  • Emily
    on Jul 11, 2018

    It sounds like you are not able to do this work by yourself right? If you have trouble climbing into the tub? As far as feet go, it is possible to buy a foot that would match the missing one. Portland Architectural Salvage is a place in my town that sells such things. as far as ease in getting in to tub once you have the feet all secured. Have the handy person, add bath rails to the wall and/or floor for help in getting into tub. If you need to have steps to climb in, you might want to consider selling this tub and have a free standing shower.
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