Asked on Jul 11, 2018

How to paint over ceramic tile in bathroom?

Chris Green


1 answer
  • Chris Green
    on Jul 11, 2018

    Clean really well with muriatic acid and water mixture in a spray bottle, about 10:1 mixture. Use either a automotive hvlp gun ($15 at harbor freight works great (the purple 1.4)) or a automotive turbine system is preferable becuase of the lack of overspray it produces. Either way plastic everything, and I mean everything. Tape the cracks in the door once your ready to spray and you are in the bathroom. Create an exhaust system out the window with a box fan or the tubular exhaust fan from harbor freight. A couple filters are nice to not get so much paint on your neighbors things outside. Get axalta veri prime and put 2 coats down back to back, as soon as it drys to a matte finish spray with a paint like axalta imron Express or imron elite single stage. Any auto paint line industrial line of single stage paint. You get what you pay for with auto paint, buy the higher dollar paint you dont want to have to strip all this off beleive me. Do it right the first time it's far cheaper

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