Asked on Jul 11, 2018

Chalk paint...... - Which paint brushes? Which color goes first? Etc..

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Am doing a solid wood entertainment center of sorts. Center compartment with two thin glass fronted shelving units on each side. Need advice and down dirty tips - Which paint brushes? Which color goes first? Maybe some pitfalls to avoid. Winning color combos. Brushing techniques. 😃

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  • Sharon
    on Jul 11, 2018

    No 1-seal the wood cabinet. This will save a lot of headaches later.
    No 2-you can seal with zinsser bin primer(white) or bulls eye clear shellac. Either works good.
    No 3-a roller will make the finish (with paint) look like orange peel. For a smooth finish use a soft slanted brush. The slanted brush helps with the corners but is still a good brush for the rest of cabinets.
    No 4-SHOULD BE NO 1- remove hardware and glass doors. Also if you are using a few colors of paint Don't forget to tape off the sections for each color. Tape to use is FROG EASY RELEASE tape (color is green)
    No 5-if you are painting behind the glass doors this should be first. Get the hardest areas out of the way. I have seen a lot of cabinets with glass fronts painted black. It looks more elegant especially when the inside is lit up. If you have no lighting inside then get battery powered lights. Maybe some fairy lights would be different.
    No 6-proceed to the rest of the cabinet with your painting. Unless I know your decor it would be difficult to suggest any colors.
    No 7-let the cabinet dry very thoroughly. Probably 3 days (in an environmental area), in other words air conditioning. If you do this outside and then bring it back in the house it will take 3 weeks for the cabinet to acclimate to a/c.
    No 8-after 3 days then seal it. They make matte sealers if that is your choice. After 3 weeks (should you do this outside) Then you can apply a sealer. Both ways you should apply 2 coats of sealer.
    No 9-after sealer dries (read label) then put hardware and glass doors back on.
    No 10-place items back on the cabinet.
    No 11-NO harsh cleaners at all. A bowl of warm water with a couple drops of dishwashing liquid. Then use a soft cloth to dry immediately.
    No 12-DO NOT GET MAD - DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED - DO NOT RUSH and have a good time. Getting mad etc will only cause you to make mistakes!!!
    good luck.
  • Lauren of Mom Home Guide
    on Jul 18, 2018

    I like using foam brushes when using chalk paint. I chalk painted an oak jewelry chest and explain how I did it in this post:

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