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Tina Lynn
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Asked on Jul 12, 2018

How can I utilize my foyer closet for storage?

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This cosrt is approximately four feet wide with only one shelf at the very top. We use this closet for vacuums and cleaning supplies and a few coats.

3 answers
  • Zard Pocleeb
    on Jul 12, 2018

    I’m not sure how much weight you’ll be putting on the shelves, but either way, start by putting cleats on both sides. They need to be at exactly the same height, so measure accurately. If you can, screw them into the studs so they will take a lot of weight. To find the studs, buy a ‘stud finder’. You can get one from any home improvement center. They are very cheap if you buy a base model: no more than $20, and it is a nice tool to have in your toolbox-you will probably use it a lor in the future for hanging pictures, etc. They are also surprisingly accurate. If there are no studs you will have to use wall anchors. cut the shelves as wide as you want, and you might want to make a wider shelf to replace the existing one on the top. Attach a strip of wood about 1 1/2” along the front of all shelves. This will help keep the shelves from bowing.
  • Landsharkinnc
    on Jul 12, 2018

    I'd build shelves all across the closet, leaving an area on one side open for the height of the vacuum/broom etc., Move the coats to another closet.
  • Tina Lynn
    on Jul 12, 2018

    Thank you so much. I believe I will take both of your advice. Pictures, later.
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