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Asked on Jul 12, 2018

What paint is best to coat asphalt shingles?

Dwp7470bElizabeth Michels Pinizzotto


I have a shed that the shingles are dark green and the walls are red brown. I need to make it lighter so it will repeal the heat. I need to paint the roof and walls.

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  • I read a few blogs on the internet and it seems that finding a paint that will last is the hard part. Most people think an exterior latex would help a bit but many agree that it would need to be white in order to make a sufficient difference in cooling bills.
  • Dwp7470b
    on Jul 19, 2018

    Don't go with paint on a roof. It never endures and even when it is white, it discolors due to the sun.

    I would advise to reduce your cooling and energy bills:

    1. Use FlexSeal White [in a can]. Apply with a roller [3/8ths

    inch nap] on All Roofs you have. It is $32 after tax,

    mostly anywhere, about $1 per ounce.

    2. Any 400 watt solar system will fit on the roof of your

    shed and will reduce your monthly energy use, quite

    dramatically, by 10kwh per month.

    3. Insulation does not only keep in the wintertime heat.

    Insulation also keeps in the summertime cool.

    4. Cool Air Sinks, thus you should Concentrate mostly all

    of your Air Conditioning upstairs, rather than atall

    attempting to defeat the laws of physics at an expense

    of $25 a month.

    5. Some persons think they need heat in the summer

    and never turn off the thermostat. They then wonder

    'why is the AC not cooling the house?' Thus invest in a

    thermostat, [like the latest honeywell] that enables you

    to turn off heat.

    6. Do you really need hot water after midnight in the

    summertime, or: 24/7? UMMM, Very Seldom. Thus

    invest $30 in a Switchmate Switch to attach to your

    furnace [the power off/on switch on the furnace] and

    turn on your Furnace by your cell phone bluetooth, 30

    minutes before you need Hot Water. This conserves

    Fuels and Energy.

    These common sense tips to an organized Energy System and Family Usage Schedules, dramatically reduce utility expenses.

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