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Asked on Jul 13, 2018

Need suggestions on doing this myself- kitchen makeover

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I need to upgrade my kitchen floor, the square tiles are coming loose. I need to paint or resurface the counter tops and add a backsplash. I really want a country blue/yellow/white kitchen with a French twist. I would also like to get a movable island for preparing foods to use near the stove were there is little counter space. Also, I have 2 outlets that are not usable. Is there a kit with all the matching paint, backsplash, and flooring in any particular store? I am not rich, broke, in fact, but I really need to do something!

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  • DIY remodeling on a shoestring budget takes a bit of savvy shopping and legwork.

    For the outlets, you need a licensed electrician. Save up and pay for when funds are available.

    Even if there were "kits" they would be over priced. Everyone's taste, budget, surfaces, room sizes and circumstances are different, there is no "one size fits all" product.

    Hop on over to your local home improvement center. It is a good place to start. Visit each department for the projects listed above. Talk to the the consultants. Make note of what you like and prices. Tackle one project at a time. I would grab one of the kitchen designers to show you around and have then provide you with options. They have fantastic peel and stick back splash options that you might like.

    Another great place to go is your Habitat Re Store, they are a treasure trove of deep discount items. When you see something you can use, buy it, as it will not be there for long. Visit often as you can, stock rotates very quickly.

    For the kitchen island, you can upcycle a piece you already own, a curbside or garage sale, thrift store find easily enough.

    Replacing flooring can get expensive real quick. Consider repairing what you have for the short term until you get you feet wet with some of the other projects, then tackle a floor replacement.

  • Julie Mason
    on Jul 14, 2018

    Thanks for the advice, you've made some excellent suggestions!
  • Archie
    on Jul 17, 2018

    The floor tiles can be re-glued. There is special paint for counter tops. I had an older house and had to replace most of the electrical outlets. It's not difficult at all you just have to be real careful.

    Backsplash can be made with all manner of inexpensive items. They make decals, stick on tiles, Home Depot/Lowe's have backsplash tiles etc for as low as 3-4 dollars a sq foot.

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