Asked on Jul 14, 2018

My yard is more crab grass than grass, how can I get rid of the crabgr

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I spread grass seed but the crabgrass overtook it. I tried pulling it up but it spreads faster than I can pull it. I’m on a limited budget. Please give me advice

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  • Rockyroad
    on Jul 15, 2018

    Hate to tell ya , but if crabgrass is over 50% you're prob best starting over ! Crabgrass loves the heat and will thrive when grass gets stressed due to heat and dry . Sounds like maybe you didn't water grass enough when initially planted or chance of poor seed ? Slow , good soak , no run off , is best , early morning , not heat of the day . Eve is ok as long as area dries before dark . (grass blades are not wet , just soil) can cause fungus . Make sure all crabgrass is dead before reseeding , may take more than one spray of Round-up or can use organic vinegar spray , even cover area w/ black, plastic 4-6 wks , to burn out old grass . Good luck , a bit of work , but you can handle it ! Good thick , healthy , grass cover doesn't allow as much room for crabgrass to move in .
  • Candi
    on Jul 15, 2018

    Round Up is great BUT IT KILLS EVERYTHING.....Weed B Gon that is meant for crabgrass works but you are really going to get on it and keep on it. It is usually easier to get it before it gets a hold in the heat of summer.

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