Asked on Jul 14, 2018

New hemlock losing needles- advice?



The nursery planted a hemlock and supposedly used root stim. I follow instructions on care with watering etc. The weather has been hot but it is dropping needles. I can't call the store back as this was a replacement for the one last year that did not survive. Awaiting a tree service to inspect next week. Meantime should I put some fertizer around it? I do not see signs of insects.

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  • Vimarhonor
    on Jul 14, 2018

    Hello Pat,

    Are your weather conditions excessively hot and dry?

    Here in Central VA we are experiencing dry hot humid conditions very little rainfall the past weeks. My daylillies are not blooming well, a mature beech tree is shedding - actually raining yellow leaves, grass is drying up. Clients had brought oak tree branch samples to the office for diagnosis because they’re shedding tiny acorns prematurely. Our conditions here are relared to the weather.

    It may be that your tree are sacrificing the needles to stay alive. I hope you figure out the problem, I would follow the suggestions of your nursery- especially if there is a plant guarentee in effect.

    • Pat16265006
      on Jul 14, 2018

      Yes, very the tree was healthy looking until a few days ago when the weather changed and all the sudden it had yellow needles and started dropping - this is the 2nd hemlock from this nursery - I will email them and get a second op. Thanks!
  • Sharon
    on Jul 14, 2018

    I would call the nursery, and yes global warming is affecting everyone. I just mulched my rhododendrons for the first time to hold the water in better.

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