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PB Inspired Rope-Wrapped Mirrors!

I turned to the pages of my Pottery Barn Catalog for inspiration for my latest project! Check out my DIY Rope-Wrapped Mirrors!
I love the rope detail and the nautical vibe these rope-wrapped mirrors give the living room!
I found my old forgotten round mirrors in a box in the basement. As soon as I saw them, I knew exactly what I wanted to do!
I taped off the mirror to avoid getting spray paint on it.
A few coats of American Accent's "Heirloom White" gave this mirror an immediate improved look!
I used electrical tape and wrapped it around the rope to avoid fraying when I used the hack saw to cut it to size.
I used a LOT of hot glue to secure the first round of rope to the outside edge of the mirror.
To hide the electrical tape seam, I used twine, and wrapped it around the rope. I secured it with hot glue! Easy!
My living room is looking very beachy!

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