Pat Oliver
Pat Oliver
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  • Louisville, KY
Asked on Jul 14, 2018

Small rock garden ideas?

Peggy BurnetteJohnavallance82


I want to place a few small rocks in a small area. Large stones are across the front of the shrubs. Do no want in the way of the mowers.

2 answers
  • Johnavallance82
    on Jul 14, 2018

    Hello Pat, Do you have a photo of your garden, where you feel you would like the rockery to be, and then I will try to help you further. You could dig out a Circle, Square, or any shape bed in the lawn and arrange your rocks to suit, leaving enough space for the mower...............
  • Peggy Burnette
    on Jul 15, 2018

    Hello my name is Peggy. Sprinkle preen in the area to keep weed out. You can also spray the rocks with roundup if weeds come thru.

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