Diane Dumas
Diane Dumas
  • Hometalker
  • Stafford Springs, CT
Asked on Jul 15, 2018

I wanted to make some sort of covering for my lawnmower. Any ideas?

Paul DempseyWendy


I don't have a lot of room on the side of my house ..I was thinking of using windows .any ideas?

2 answers
  • Paul Dempsey
    on Jul 21, 2018

    Consider also security, you don't want someone walking off with your lawn mower.

    Do you have a deck that the lawn mower can fit under? You can start by using that structural to build off of and go from there.

    Also, while you are at it, do you have needs beyond the lawn mower. Rakes, snow shovel, hose etc? As long as you are working on making something, can you multipurpose it to serve more that just one use?

    Also consider if you have a crawl space, can a mower fit through the access door to the crawl space. And a lock for security or enlarge it so that you can use some of the crawlspace as yard tool storage.
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