Asked on Jul 15, 2018

What's the best way to stop condensation with metal roof?

Cindy GilliamDwp7470b


We are going to pit on a metal roof but I've been told that condensation is going to be an issue. What's best way to keep this from happening?

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  • Dwp7470b
    on Jul 15, 2018

    Word from the wise, [homeowner, warehouse owner and electrician with 2 metal roofs] the best means to prevent condensation of the metal roof, is in summary:

    Not Install a metal roof.

    In Detail...

    It may seem that solutions exist, such as: Tarring your roof each 5 to 7 years, but this added overhead to home maintenance costs add up, and yet results humidity in the enclosed attic, ounce for ounce, where condenation is obstructed.

    Thus you should consider Rubber Roofing as the least cost to maintain, as results are same:

    I. if you intend to keep anything of value in your attic, you need at least:

    A. 1 lamp

    B. 1 outlet to plug in a dehumidifier

    C. 1 fire extinguisher

    And may also want to consider installing:

    D. A Downstairs Switch to an Exhaust fan.

    E. Ductwork from Any and All preexistting 'In-Wall Exhaust Fans' that oft lead to the attic, which instead can and should lead the airflow outside of the home.

    F. Any potential Futures of Skylights, Windows, Solar Lamps, etc before you Install a Metal Roof

    II. Keep in mind:

    A. I do not, as an electrician recommend metal roofs nowadays.

    These cause interference with Digital TV Antennas, Cellular Reception, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other 'Very Simple to install Home Automation Devices'.

    B. The actual additional expense of Metal Roof v. Rubber Roof is not solely in the Cost and Labor of those Roofs.

    The electrician trade expanse and demand to fix The DIY mistakes, has gotten to extents that: All persons who do install those Metal Roofs against my Professional Advice and Counsel suffer a real consequence of: 'When you do have problems with All Sorts of: Antennas, Automation devices, outlets, switches, switchmates, etc, Furnace Transformers, Exterior Christmas Lights, etc, please, do not call myself, nor any other electrician, but instead call a Roofer to install a nonmetal roof [and a 40 foot tall flagpole for your TV Antenna, while they're at it too].

  • Cindy Gilliam
    on Jul 16, 2018

    Oh wow! I'm for sure going to talk with my husband on this matter. You're very strong in you opinions and do appriciate your feedback. We want to make sure we make the right decisions and will deffinatly check into this further.

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