How to rid yard of mold in dirt?

How to rid yard of mold in the dirt?

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  • Gk Gk on Jul 15, 2018

    I would rake the area and make sure it stays dry if possible. Hopefully the sun will dry it out. If it is a damp wet area--like close to a swamp--it will always be wet and produce all sorts of fungus.

  • White powdery mildew or other kinds? Infested soil needs sun and a chance to dry out, but a good soil soak slows down the powdery mildew that grows on my roses. Powdery mildew loves heat stress as an opportunity to attack vulnerable plants. I am trying onions and members of the onion family this year as a means of keeping down molds. I won't know until next year if it works. Elsewhere, adding soil amendment and digging up the soil (and letting it dry) has helped. For plants, I look for disease resistance. at least until I can find the cause of the powdery mildew. For other types of molds, dry out and get some sun on it. Plant alliums (california wild ginger loves water and is supposed to retard mold, but it is expensive. There must be other plants like it) Copper and other organic sprays are also a possibility.

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