How to get rid of ants?


I need to get rid of ants in the kitchen. The vinegar is just not working. Thanks

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  • We use a product called Terro.

  • DD DD on Jul 17, 2018

    I copied these two from an article that had a lot of suggestions using vinegar and since that isn't working I didn't want to include them

    1 - You don’t need insecticides or ant traps to ant-proof your kitchen. Use lemons; they’re more powerful than you’d realize. Just check out all these household items you can clean with lemons instead of chemicals. Here’s how to get rid of ants with the lemon treatment: First, squirt some lemon juice on door thresholds and windowsills. Then squeeze lemon juice into any holes or cracks where the ants are getting in. Finally, scatter small slices of lemon peel around the outdoor entrance. The ants will get the message that they aren’t welcome. Lemons are also effective against roaches and fleas: Simply mix the juice of 4 lemons (along with the rinds) with 1/2 gallon (2 liters) water and wash your floors with it; then watch the fleas and roaches flee. They hate the smell. Try one of these 8 guaranteed ways to bug-proof your kitchen.

    2 - Two or three of your annual summer visitors have invaded your kitchen. Those ants are looking for sugar. Give them some pepper instead. Cayenne pepper sprinkled in spots where the ants are looking, such as along the backs of your countertops or on your baseboards, will tell them that no sugar is ahead. If you find the ants’ home colony a little too close to yours and it’s causing them to relocate to your kitchen, cayenne pepper can help get rid of it. Pour the pepper down the ant hole and say so long to ants.

    Hope one of these works for you

  • DORLIS DORLIS on Jul 18, 2018

    i HAVE HAD SOME SUCCESS WITH ESSENTIAL OILS, LIKE LAVENDER, CLOVE, ANYTHING THAT HAS A STRONG SMELL. also keep small container of clove oil handy. when you catch one, drop them in it, kills them right away.

  • Hi Curt,

    I use packaged cornbread mix that says it is sweetened and put it where they are coming in if you can find it, or even on your counter in a small lid. They will take it to the mound, everyone will eat it and die, they can't digest the cornmeal, but will take it because it is sweetened. Little goes a long way.

    What if you make a barrier around the house.

    I did some research, since we know what works for one person doesn't always work for another. I found this site and it's pretty informative. I know some tips you may not be able to use but there are some good ones also that will hopefully help.

  • COCO COCO on Jul 18, 2018

    I find a thin lline of SALT works on the sweet-eating ants that don't like TERRO

  • Julie Vogel Julie Vogel on Jul 31, 2019

    Powder comet baby powder

  • Helen Kaye Helen Kaye on Jun 28, 2021

    Ant Rid. It’s a honey based product containing borax which is toxic to ants. Pour small amounts in the path that the ants take when coming into the house. For ant infestations outside the house, use Ant Rid powder around the area where they are. Keep away from pets.

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