Asked on Jul 18, 2018

Has anyone replaced the carpet in an RV with laminate plank flooring?

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We have a 10 year old fifth wheel and I would like to replace the carpet with a vinyl or laminate flooring. Not sure how to make the slides transition. I think there will be a gap since carpet is thicker. Ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  • Janice
    on Jul 18, 2018

    Hi Deb, I have not done this but I did some research for you and found this site that has some info to share with you. It even addresses the issue of the slides in your RV. I do hope it helps you a bit.


  • Joy30150932
    on Jul 18, 2018

    There are special strips available to do this for you when you a variance from one room to the other. Check where you purchase your flooring and match the color.

  • Laura Cooper
    Laura Cooper
    on Jul 18, 2018

    DON'T DO IT!!

    Let me explain, vinyl plank flooring has an extremely high expansion/contraction rate. If you install it in an RV, it WILL buckle with temp changes.

    Pergo type laminate is fine, so this really depends on the product we are discussing here.

    We installed engineered hardwood in ours. It is a very stable product. It does require underlayment and you still need to allow some small gaps between the boards for expansion, but it is extremely durable. We live full time and have had great success. We don't have a slide out, but for edges you can use quarter round or even cabinet scribe. The scribe has a much small profile.

    I just watched a YouTube video of someone who made the mistake of using vinyl. I'll link it in another message for you.

  • Laura Cooper
    Laura Cooper
    on Jul 18, 2018

    Here you go, Deb. This should show you the problem with vinyl plank in RV's. We almost made this mistake, but fortunately consulted our flooring-installer-friend who never recommends vinyl plank, even in a house, for these same reasons.

  • Deb Sanders
    Deb Sanders
    on Jul 18, 2018

    Wow! Thank you!

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