Asked on Jul 20, 2018

I have a rather large piece of tree trunk. What are some thoughts for

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I aquired a tree trunk bottom from my fathers property. Measures roughly 3'L x 9" Hx16" W. Beautiful piece! Any suggestions welcomed?

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  • Landsharkinnc
    on Jul 20, 2018

    I'm sure that piece means a lot to you ... if it is recently cut, it needs to 'cure' -- keep it out of moisture, off the ground on supports to allow air circulation all around .. and then you can decide -- table base, not sure of you dimensions -- 3' LONG? do you mean 3' TALL ? -- if it's 36" high, could be cut in half and used as bases for coffee table or end tables; Or you could find a millwork shop in your area that could possibly cut raw edge slabs from it to use as counters/table tops, etc. ... Endless uses-- but if not properly cured and sanitized ( you don't want beetles/worms to destroy it! )

  • Helene Mussman
    Helene Mussman
    on Jul 20, 2018

    Think about a nice coffee table. Does it have some beautiful graining?

    • Christine Cajigas
      Christine Cajigas
      on Aug 10, 2018

      Yes Amanda, it does have beautiful grain markings. Its been sitting for 8-9 yrs. It's ready for me to move on it 😊

  • Amanda
    on Jul 20, 2018

    Hi Christine. You could put a piece of glass or wood on the top and make it into a table. You could also use it as a plant stand. Good Luck!

    • Christine Cajigas
      Christine Cajigas
      on Jul 20, 2018

      Thank you so much Amanda! Im certain, I'll make a table out of it. I do have an oval, beveled table top that I think I'll use. Thanks again for the suggestion😊
  • Oliva
    on Jul 20, 2018

    Elevate it on bricks/blocks, or sturdy wood supports and make a planter ; additional seating with Sunbrella fabric. If you're handy with a chain saw, you can cut animals on tree limbs into it.
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