I can’t get rid of my clutter, how do I start?


i can’t get rid of my clutter, how do I start?

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  • Eileen Eileen on Jul 25, 2018

    You could start with one space at a time. Pick a small place to start - kitchen junk drawer, desk, etc. And slowly make your way across your home.

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Jul 26, 2018

    The rule of thumb is whatever you have not used in a year, let it go. The easiest way is to have 3 containers: sell, give, and garbage. Take out everything in one room that you have not been using and sort it in one of the categories. Then do each room the same way. You can throw out the garbage pile, donate the give pile to a local church, goodwill, or other charity, and sell online or have a big yard sale with the sell container. Hope this helps. We made the rule for everything we bring home (say clothes), we have to remove one from our closet we no longer wear and give it away, toss it etc. Hope this helps.

  • Kathleen Kathleen on Jul 26, 2018

    first, get rid of ''all''empty bags,boxes,magazines,paper,musty books.

  • Twyla J Boyer Twyla J Boyer on Jul 26, 2018
    Know that it will get worse looking before it gets better if you follow the process below. But in the end, it will have been done thoroughly. Do NOT buy anything for the process or the space to be cleared until after this process is complete. DO buy lots of good, strong garbage bags.

    1 - Get a friend to help. Don't be embarrassed by this. People who love you will help without being judgy. Have this person (or these people if you have bigger or heavy stuff) carry stuff to you to make decisions so you stay in place instead of losing time wandering about.

    2 - Use the sort system DesertRose suggested, though I would have 4 piles or baskets - one for toss, one for keep, one for sell, and one for donate.

    3 - Take no more than a couple seconds to make each decision. If you are leaning toward keep, don't worry about it - just decide. Now is not the time to reminisce over things. It is the time for quick decisions. Avoid keeping stuff you will fix "someday" and supplies for crafts or hobbies you no longer enjoy. What you invested in them is no longer important. What's important now is keeping the things that bring you joy and letting go of the things that bring you guilt, shame, frustration, or that you just don't love.

    4 - As baskets or whatever you're using fill up in the donate or toss piles, have those helpful friends remove them to someone's car to be hauled away. This is an important step because it means you can't be tempted to go back through stuff later when the friends are gone.

    5 - After completing an area or room, empty the spaces for the toss, donate, and sell stuff and go BACK through the keep pile making quick decisions again. This sounds stupid at first, but it allows for those initial decisions to be super fast and yet allows you to then have a second chance to get rid of things when you realize you have four blenders (or whatever) in your keep pile.

    6 - Assess your actual needs for the now clean space. Will everything you kept go back into that space? Does some of it really belong elsewhere? Do you have the sorts of furniture/storage items you need to make the space usable? Are there one or two things that would really be nice to have for the space? If so, make a list.

    7 - Hold the yard sale as soon as possible, though if you have many spaces/rooms to do, you might want to get them all done first and have one big sale. Again have help. And price everything (people don't like shopping yard sales that have no prices). Price it to sell. Be willing to take less. The stuff is not worth what you paid for it and no one else is sentimental about it. Your goal with the sale is to reduce your existing losses a little, not to make a bundle of cash. Make sure there is a place for everything you are keeping. If it isn't important enough to deserve a designated space, it isn't important enough to keep.

    8 - Use the money from the sale to buy attractive organizational items (cabinets, baskets, shelves) for the area/room you cleaned out.

    9 - Enjoy your newly organized space. Repeat the process in as many spaces as you have until it is completed.

    10 - The hardest part - maintain the spaces by making sure you (and anyone living with you) puts things away where they belong every single time. Don't leave them out thinking you'll come back and do it tomorrow.
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    • Twyla J Boyer Twyla J Boyer on Aug 05, 2018

      Dear AJ - Good luck with the project. Try not to let it get you down. you CAN do it!

  • Jill Hilbert Jill Hilbert on Jul 27, 2018

    Pick a room , then start in one corner of the room set a timer for 15 minutes, after that rest if you need to or start timer again and move to another area and by the the end of the day you will be amazed at what you get accomplished. Good luck!