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Polymer Clay Cat Ring Holder

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Last week I made hundreds of Christmas ornaments! And I didn't take a SINGLE picture! I know.
I needed polymer clay for a project, and ordered some, as I usually do. I got impatient and went to Walmart to pick some up. Wouldn't ya know it arrived that day! So I had 2 extra pounds of white clay! That's not a bad thing. Not one to sit idle with so much clay on hand, I made this little guy. I kinda love him.
polymer clay cat ring holder
I started by drawing a simple cat head outline. I drew it then folded the paper in half so I could cut both sides the same. That's what I always tell myself. But that's ok.
polymer clay cat ring holder
After conditioning the clay, I rolled it out fairly thin, about 1/4 inch. I rolled it on parchment paper. When it was large enough and the same thickness all around, I transfered it to my handy dandy square tile.
polymer clay cat ring holder
I put the paper cutout on the clay and cut it out with an X-acto knife.
polymer clay cat ring holder
polymer clay cat ring holder
I centered and draped the clay over a bowl. I used what we used to call a 'monkey' dish, a restaurant side dish bowl. It was the perfect size. Using very slight pressure, I pressed it down around the bowl.
polymer clay cat ring holder
Next, I started smoothing the edges. A crochet hook is great for this. I have dozens of crochet hooks and have never crocheted a single stitch! They're such handy little tools.
When I was satisfied, I put it in a preheated 275° oven, for 20 minutes. I kept it on the bowl, put the bowl on the tile, and threw it all in the oven.
After it cooled, I lightly drew some whiskers and the cute inside of their adorable ears. Yes, I AM a cat lady. Some people would even throw crazy in there, too! And that's ok. 😻
Always use a light pencil before using paints or permanent markers. Pencil erases easily on polymer clay. Permanent marker, not so much.
I used black Sharpie for the whiskers, and gold Sharpie for his ears. I gave it a very light coat of homemade modge podge. And that's it! Thanks for looking!
polymer clay cat ring holder

Suggested materials:

  • Sculpy polymer clay  (Wal-Mart)

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