Patio Garden 2013

In late fall 2012 our family adopted a pitbull mix puppy who was so sweet yet full of spunk! Well over the winter months we noticed that when she was taking an extra long time coming back to the door on her potty breaks it was because she was occupying herself by digging, chewing, basically destroying our patio garden that we had just put in that summer.
For me, this wasnt just heartbreaking when spring came (literally cried) it was back breaking. Ive had spinal surgeries that lead to more complications. It takes me a long time to do my gardening now that I need frequent breaks to ease the pain it causes. Of course I love to garden and couldnt let it sit bare. So I went back to work. by early fall it wasnt looking to shabby...
my grandfather built me four trellises I planted hummingbird vine on 2 and clematis on the others. The pup chewed them at the stem at ground level. They had to start all over. But at least they came back.
One Delphinium came back and was huge! the bush behind it was destroyed but thankfully a fast grower. It was doing quite well by mid June.
Thankfully I had let my Evening Primrose go to seed it was popping up everywhere! the chives survived as well.
Bleeding heart was still abloom mid June. I seperated some hostas and they took well of course.
ChaChi the
this is early September.. Cana lilies, Coleus, and other things.
Sunflower Splendor! I grow mine from seed every year and keep them surrounded by decorative to keep the rascally pup at bay from the seedlings.

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