16 Brilliant Wire Basket Hacks Everyone's Doing Right Now

Wire baskets are going to be your new best friend after you see these ideas!

By Hometalk Hits

Turn A Pretty Basket Into A Beautiful Table

Paint a wooden round as the top of the table and drill holes into the bottom of the basket to attach.

Update A Light Fixture With A Colorful Basket

Cut out the extra wires with wire cutter and screw in the light bulb between the wires of the basket.

Weave In Colorful Fabric For A Boho Lamp

Knot the fabric at the base of the basket and weave throughout in multiple colors.

Flip A Basket Into A Chic End Table

Turn over a large copper basket onto a sturdy wood surface and nail in the cables.

Include Greenery In A Basket For The Porch

Wrap basket in rope and attach the rope to an antique pulley, then add battery operated candles with moss.

Organize With Spray Painted Baskets

Spray paint the baskets your desired color, and add adorable labels to help with storage.

Fashion A Tiny Easter Basket For Decor

Cut down the wires to desired length, then drill two holes into a dowel, and fill with a small chocolate bunny.

DIY Your Own Basket With Chicken Wire

Measure 7” into the wire, and cut with wire cutters a 27” strip, then bend inward.

Get Your Mail In Order With Wire Baskets

Affix a small chalkboard sign onto the front of the basket and sort by Action and Bills.

Sew Felt On The Bottom To Prevent Scratching

Cut felt to fit the size of the bottom of your basket, and hand sew around the baskets to stop scratching.

Tip A Wire Hanging Basket Into A Turtle

Cut chicken wire the width of the basket, fill with potting soil, and add one plant to each hole in the basket.

Create An Industrial Centerpiece for Easter

Line basket with spanish moss and tie a colorful pastel bow in the center of the basket.

Line Up Canned Food In A Dollar Store Basket

Organize your Campbell’s and Trader Joe’s canned food in a sturdy bright colored $1 basket.

Coordinate A Coastal Theme For Your Table

Paint vases various shades of blue, wrap in twine, and arrange within a wire basket.

Use $2.50 Baskets For Floral Farmhouse Decor

Tie jute around small jars and attach to the wire basket, then fill with faux or real flowers.