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Mermaid Lingerie Chest Makeover

4 Materials
5 Days

While out looking around I decided to stop in at the Goodwill, sometimes you can find a good deal, today was one of those days! I found this tall chest for $12.99 and it was solid pine, which means a stain shaded design will definitly be done. I got it home and had to stare at it for a while before deciding on the design. I went thru many designs that I thought would work but a mermaid just stuck out. I
mermaid lingerie chest makeover
Here it is. It had a light coat of beige paint on it. I had to sand it down. I started with a 120grit and finished with a 220grit.
mermaid lingerie chest makeover
So here is the design coming along. I have used a pencil to draw on my design and then stain is used to create the image.
Above is a short video explaining how stain is applied. It touches on a question I get a lot about stain smearing into the light wood areas. Remember the light areas are the raw wood. You can see a couple more videos regarding stain shading under my project called Big‘ol sunflower table.
mermaid lingerie chest makeover
I take a lot of pictures when I do a design. If you look at the partial stained pic above you will notice her arm is longer than in this picture. I really didn’t notice until I looked at the pictures. I sanded the area and shortened her arm.
mermaid lingerie chest makeover
Just some close ups
mermaid lingerie chest makeover
Another close up
mermaid lingerie chest makeover
I had originally painted the sides a metallic blue but it didn’t go on smooth, I think the paint was defective as I had used copper color of the same brand before and it worked beautifully. I had to strip and repaint. I went ahead and did white chalk paint and used dark wax to make it look like a wood grain type if design. I applied the clear wax first then used a chip brush and went over with the dark wax. If you don’t like how the dark wax looks a Mr. Clean sponge will remove it easily.
mermaid lingerie chest makeover
Side/front view
mermaid lingerie chest makeover
All finished! I really loved how it turned out. It definitely has that willowy look that I was going for . I definitely did not want the cartoon look. Thank you for looking at my project and just remember you never know if you can do something until you try it. I always tell people to try a design on a small piece of wood, and as long as you are working on solid wood pieces you can always sand and start over again. Try a daisy or sunflower they are easy to draw. You can see more of my work here on Hometalk or visit my Facebook page:

Suggested materials:

  • Miniwax Espresso stain  (Home Depot)
  • Chalk paint  (Make my own)
  • Hook and loop Sand paper  (Home depot)
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