How do I install undercabinet lighting so that it won’t be seen?


We are wanting to put in under cabinet lighting in our new kitchen. Not sure how to do it do that it won’t be seen.

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  • Paul Dempsey Paul Dempsey on Jul 30, 2018
    Cabinets often have a lip on the underside of the box creating a natural cavity to hide lights in. If your cabinets don't then I still have a couple of great suggestions for you. Modern led tape lights available at Lowes and Home Depot are only about as thick as cardboard. Also led rope lighting is only 1/2" round. So both of these options create an highly energy efficient, DIY friendly solution for undercabinet lighting.
  • Karen Ardillo Karen Ardillo on Jul 30, 2018

    Cabinets have a base under, lighting comes in slender enough styles to hide. Another idea I have seen are rope lighting!

  • Jcraw Jcraw on Jul 30, 2018
    Ours are installed directly behind (underneath) the front of the cabinet. You can’t see them unless you duck down. .
    We spent a bit more (at a lighting specialty store) and got Dimmable LED. Worth every penny for their tiny size and LED durability.
  • Flipturn Flipturn on Aug 09, 2018

    Agree with Jcraw to to for the dimmable LED lights. Amount and intensity of light can then be varied according to activity in the kitchen, time of day, and season.

  • Linda Moore Linda Moore on Aug 09, 2018

    Thank you all. I’m just 5’ tall so I guess no matter what, I will see them because my line of vision is just under cabinet iheight.

  • Lisa Smith Lisa Smith on Aug 09, 2018

    If I was going to do a under cabinet light I will get one of those lights with the Press on stickers and place it up against the wall or the cabinet and all you have to do is push it on to push it and push it off and you have light whenever you need it

  • Twyla J Boyer Twyla J Boyer on Aug 09, 2018

    Install the LED tape lighting. Then use a very small (like 1/2 inch) trim along the front of the bottom of the cabinet to screen the lighting from view. Unless you cabinets are hung higher than is typical (typical is 18 inches above a 36 inch countertop, so that would be 4 1/2 feet), you shouldn't have the lights then glaringly in your face. (From one short girl to another!)

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