How do I get rid of grubs in my lawn ? ?


My new puppy is eating something in my lawn, every step she takes she is putting something in her mouth and chewing, sounds kinda crunchy and I can't get it out of her mouth fast enough to discover what it really is. All I can think of is grubs, don't know what they look like or if (for sure) I have them but they're everywhere and I've tried to dig through the grass to find one but I can't seem to. Am i losing my mind ??? Please help !?

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  • Diena Cameron Diena Cameron on Jul 30, 2018
    By the way, i live in Oregon and every summer no one waters their lawns to conserve water so my "lawn" is brown right now. Would that have something to do with it ? I haven't noticed her doing this icky habit in the winter !
  • Oliva Oliva on Jul 30, 2018

    At this time of year, it may be Japanese beetles. Your lawn will need sprayed with NEEM oil while beetles are visible. Next spring, apply Grub X to your lawn, covering all areas, to kill the grubs before they become Japanese beetles. If it's not J. Beetles, you may need to apply a mix of soapy water, chewing tobacco mixed with water and strained through a cheesecloth, and whisky to your lawn. Jerry Baker, Master Gardener had many "recipes" for home lawn care.

    • Diena Cameron Diena Cameron on Aug 09, 2018

      Thank so much, would you happen to know if Neem oil is harmful to pets, especially a 6 month old very curious and chews everything to pieces, puppy ?? 😄 would you happen to know the amounts of each of soap and tabacco I would need ? I'm assuming it would be loose tabacco from a smoke shops??!

  • Donna W Donna W on Jul 30, 2018

    Pinterest has a lot of go tos on there. Good luck

  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Jul 30, 2018

    BEST way to do this is to buy and use MILKY SPORE from the hardware store or Lowes. NOT cheap and it does take a LONG time to work , but work it does.

    • Diena Cameron Diena Cameron on Aug 09, 2018

      Thanks for your suggestion, I'm going to go along with Margies suggestion first since it will not hurt anything but the grubs but if it doesn't work, I will definitely try yours.

  • Rymea Rymea on Jul 31, 2018

    I saw a map of the USA showing states with Japanese beetles infestation and Oregon was not one of the states affected. Lucky you.

  • Wanda Wanda on Jul 31, 2018

    Do you have wild bunnies around you? My puppy seems to think rabbit pellets are dessert. Also, he eats mulch that may have bounced loose from rain. Good luck!

  • Margie Margie on Jul 31, 2018
    Spray with Bacillus thurigensis. it is a biological treatment. doesn't hurt anything but grubs and lasts several years. it causes milky spore disease in grubs. You can find at the garden stores. it solved my problem for years.
    • Diena Cameron Diena Cameron on Aug 09, 2018

      Thanks Margie, that sounds like the best solution and i will try it and see if it works for my yard. If not, i shall go down the list, lol. 😄

  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Aug 10, 2018

    NEEM OIL is really good for bugs. if you use it on your veggie plants, you can harvest the same day, so it must not be too bad for us animals and your dog too.

    • Diena Cameron Diena Cameron on Aug 10, 2018

      lol, That's funny Franklinrawley. I will try it, you wouldn't happen to know where to get it, would you ?? Wish I'd known about this when I grew (or tried to !) Tomatoes in California before we moved here, the Horned Worms always got to mine first !! I can't grow anything here, veggie wise. Even though we've had lovely weather this summer, I think it's just not hot enough in the spring to get them growing and just don't feel like building a greenhouse, lol. Thanks so much.

  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Aug 11, 2018

    this can be had at Lowes or Home Depot. it is about $12 a bottle but you dont use very much per gallon in a sprayer. dont know WHERE the damn horn worms come from but I enjoy the heck out of cutting them in half just to save a few tomatoes!

    • Diena Cameron Diena Cameron on Aug 13, 2018

      Haha, idea like to see that !! I don't know if they are a "lake" phenomenon or just a "tomatoe" thing, but we lived about 2 blocks from a lake but I had heard to watch out for them from a guy at my nursery where I bought the tomatoe plants so assuming they are a " tomatoe" thing ! Thanks so much, i will definitely get some. Happy planting !

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