Painting a fridge!

I bought an old green fridge. I want to paint it like scooby doo's van. Peace Love flowers...any suggestions on how to do it and what kind of paint to use! Thanks Kathy
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  • Teresa Schroepfer Teresa Schroepfer on Jun 03, 2014
    what a cool idea. The only thing I can picture is a sorta smushed version with the doors being the front and then compress the sides. I would make sure the words are still "readable" I would check with a paint tech, but I would bet that an oil base appliance paint would work. You can mix your primaries to achieve the colors you want. Can't wait to see the end result. Are you going to have Fred or shag and Scoob drive?
  • Lavende Lavende on Jun 03, 2014
    The big box stores sell a spray paint specifically for this purpose, called Appliance Paint. It is in the spray paint section but only available in "classic" colors...white, etc. Post a pic when you're finished, would love to see the transformation!
    • Shell Wilson Shell Wilson on Jun 04, 2014
  • Bob.a.anony Bob.a.anony on Jun 03, 2014
    WHAT! please post the after pics. would love to see it.
  • Diane S Diane S on Jun 03, 2014
    A lot of people love the stainless steel look, but you can use magnets. I saw on a design show that they have paint that mimics the look.
  • FrazzledMommy FrazzledMommy on Jun 03, 2014
    if you can't find the right paint - how about using vinyl (I know cricut has all the programed cuts, but I'm sure you can freehand them.... If you do find the right bright paints let me know what they are I would love to know for future projects
    • Shell Wilson Shell Wilson on Jun 04, 2014
      @Riki Batchbaum You can purchase spray paints for APPLIANCES, HIGH HEAT EQUIPMENT AND SO ON...your local HARDWARE STORE OR WALMART SHOULD CARRY THEM!! I use spray paint for everything, now! I posted below a sample of the proper spray paint technique - took me a while to learn it!
  • Shell Wilson Shell Wilson on Jun 04, 2014
    GOOD MORNING @Kathy H - GREAT IDEA. most hardware stores carry spray paints for appliances and METALLIC EQUIPMENT. Normally they are painted electrostatically...expensive. Anyways, get yourself some SPRAY PAINT FOR APPLIANCES, either find or make your STENCILS I would use parchment paper for the rough draft (excellent to sketch on) then I would buy 6 mil or higher CLEAR PLASTIC - cut your stencils from that, use frog tape or blue tape to apply - SPRAY PAINTING IS EASY ONCE YOU LEARN THE want to depress the nozzle each time you spray a line...preferably about 6 inches off the surface (8-10 if it may have to do a couple tests to get the right distance and hang of the technique.) Basically each time you pass a spray over the surface you will push the nozzle slightly as you sweep your spray across let go as you get to the other side...continue in every conceivable direction, letting go off nozzle each time. WATCH FOR RUNS...A STENCIL BRUSH DABBED INTO RUNS WILL SMOOTH THEM OUT.....DO NOT DO A CONTINUOUS SPRAY. (when finished with each color, hold can upside down and spray for 2-3 seconds, to clear the nozzle) YOU MUST REMOVE YOUR STENCILS WHILE WET OR THE PAINT WILL ONLY ADHERE TO STENCIL OR STENCIL ENDS UP ADHERING TO SURFACE....SUCH A MESS. For your GROOVY FLOWERS, TRY FREE HAND, THE BRUSH DOES ALL THE WORK!! (check out "Learn to Paint" by Donna Dewberry - she has dvd's and books explaining such!) OH HAPPY PAINTING AND PLEASE POST PICS WHEN DONE! P.S. IF YOU REALLY WANT IT TO LOOK LIKE THE VAN, USE SOME FLORAL FOAM AND CUT BUMPERS AND ANY CURVES YOU MAY NEED, ATTACH AS YOU SEE FIT AND SPRAY AWAY! oh I would get some really cool battery operated push lights (you know the ones you see on infomercials and lightly paint the interior dome a yellow and silver for highlights to give yourself some HEADLIGHTS!! P.S.S. WALMART CARRYS ALL THE AFOREMENTIONED ITEMS AND THEN SOME...OR GO TO MICHAEL'S/AC MOORE AND FIND INSPIRATION IN THE WEIRDEST THINGS!! have fun!!! (slightly jealous...rut row!)
  • Shell Wilson Shell Wilson on Jun 04, 2014
  • I was at one of the big box stores yesterday checking out different paint options and this is my opinion. If you want to do designs, I would get enamel paint (they sell small containers) - most of it is oil based (which for me would necessitate wearing mask because the vapors make me a little sick) but it would certainly stick! What a cool idea though. Please post photos when you're done!
  • Judy Judy on Jan 07, 2016
    My son does this professionally. I know he uses airbrushing but he also always clearcoats it afterwards. That seals it. It needs to be extremely clean before you start...I think it's rather like doing your nails.
  • Rae Koontz Rae Koontz on Oct 22, 2019

    Where you able to do this? If I'd like to see a few pictures of the finished product