How do I get latex paint splatters off cement?

q how do i get latex paint splatters off cement

Latex paint splatters

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  • Tinyshoes Tinyshoes on Aug 01, 2018

    Lana...Have you tried paint remover? Maybe it will work!

  • Swinnen Lisette Swinnen Lisette on Aug 01, 2018
    The only thing you can do is attack them with a metal brush and "sand" them of. If they are thick, try to scrape first most of it off with a pallet knive.
  • Eloise Eloise on Aug 02, 2018
  • Tami Stade Tami Stade on Aug 02, 2018
    I would say wire brush. Works like a charm!
  • Sissy Sissy on Aug 02, 2018

    vinegar .I always get splatters on my basement floors when I am working down there

  • Kim Shiff Kim Shiff on Aug 02, 2018

    I’ve found that using a razor blade scraper works perfectly. Just put the blade at a 45 degree angle to the floor and slide under the splatter. It will usually come up in one piece 😉. For stubborn spots, Goof Off Pro Strength remover is specifically for fried latex paint 😊.

  • Jill Jill on Aug 02, 2018

    Water and a wire bristle brush.

  • S S on Aug 02, 2018

    70% or greater alcohol, rubbing kind, not drinking kind, removes latex paint from anything. Even laundered and dried clothing!

  • John Richmond John Richmond on Aug 02, 2018

    I have success with 2000psi pressure washer. I like to soak for couple of hours with TCP then hit with pressure washer, If it doesn't get all first time allow to dry and pressure wash again.

  • Nail polish remover and a toothbrush will do the trick too

  • Jan Marie Jan Marie on Aug 31, 2018

    Use a razor blade scraper and then a metal bristle brush. After you get most of the paint scraped off then use one of the other methods mentioned. You don't want to do anything to make the paint turn into a liquid because then you will end up smearing the paint.

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